In October 2010, President Wen Jiabao and Silvio Berlusconi, President of Italy, attended the ceremony of “Year of Chinese Culture” in Italy, and published a joint statement Sino-Italian economic cooperation on the strengthening of the three-year action plan. In November 2010, China-Italy Center of Design and Innovation, joint built by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Italian Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation(now belongs to Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Reaserch), was officially set up in Tongji University on April 21 2011. There are 6 signing units, including China's Ministry of Science and Technology, Tongji University, Hunan Industrial Design Association, Italian Innovation Promotion Agency, Italian Value Foundation and Italian Association for Industrial Design, for better improving co-operations on economic, technology and culture between China and Italy and enhancing design’s role in building an innovative country and setting up a high-end intergovernmental cooperative center and platform of design and innovation with a national reach.




Functional platform: design, research, incubation, produce, market



1、Industrial function:

• A high-end, opening Sino-Italy enterprises’ cooperative platform

• A window for Italian enhancing the cooperation of production, study and research with China

• A national base for Sino-Italy interdisciplinary collaboration of design and innovation

• Design industry and related industries driven by design: Architecture, urban planning, industrial design, anime, communication media, electricity and daily consumer goods’ design etc. attracting well-known design enterprises to set up in order to form the biggest cluster of Sino-Italy Industry of design and innovation which can realize its docking with industries in China.



2、Educational function:

• build a national educational platform of Sino-Italy design

• Sino-Italy international cooperation program (facing all over the China with different forms and different levels.).

•Sino-Italy teaching chairs on architecture of green and energy saving (supported by Italy minister of environment).

• Sino-Italy educational scholarships on design (for teachers, students)

• promote Chinese students to learn Italy advanced experiences and Italians to understand China market and China industrial development on design and innovation.



3、Scientific research and incubation function:

• use the innovation base and incubator driven by design to promote transformation of Sino-Italy design research.

• encourage starting a business driven by design and innovation to build a cooperation platform of design innovation and industries.


4、Regional function: An engine began with Shanghai No.1 Field of Design

• begin with its pilot on Shanghai No.1 Field of Design to promote Sino-Italy cooperation: Policy, industrial, study and research.

• Fusion of Universities, industrial parks and communities.

• Italy economic cities on innovation.

• Italy design streets




5、Intellectual Property and Law services’ function:

• Set up the first “Intellectual Property Center” on design discipline cooperated with Italy, and try to get support from our government, setting up a international Intellectual property sales platform to provide intellectual property and law services all over the China.


6、Platform function

• Design displays communication platform: every year host “Sino-Italy Design Festival”, and Milan also host “Shanghai Design Week”, “Sino-Italy Design Summit Forum”, “Sino-Italy Fashion Show”, “ Sino-Italy Design Exhibition”, “Sino-Italy Design Intellectual Property Fair”, “Sino-Italy Movie and New Media Art Festival” etc.

•Design Museum: cooperated with Italy enterprises, universities and designers, first China Museum of Modern design is set up.

• Design library: Design library, co-founded with Italy, has already integrated with Shanghai “Milan Design Library”.