China-Italy Innovation and Design Alliance (CIIDA), a branch of CIDIC, is a united, nonprofit organization voluntarily participated by China and Italy outstanding design enterprises, associations and individuals. CIIDA invites Italy Association design Industrial, Italy Association of interior designers, Italy Furniture Association, China Industrial Design Association, Institute of Interior Design of China Architectural Association and China National Interior Decoration Association as group of Council in order to promote Sino-Italy design enterprises and innovative resources’ efficient communication and exchange and to dedicate to the recognition of innovative enterprises and excellent enterprises related with design industry, of excellent designer and of excellent design and so on.


CIIDA, originated but not constrained from China and Italy, would spread from Europe to other countries. In order to support and improve the communication and integration between all works of subjects and Media Institutions particularly, CIIDA would like to build up different platforms, including regional platform, national platform and international platform. Under the excellent themes of design, the platforms shall make an utmost effort to promote interdisciplinary exchange and better services for excellent design, to encourage the cooperation between market demand and supply, to promote interactive communications between design enterprises and potential customers, and to promote mutual recognition and exchange between excellent designers, between designers and customers as well as training institutions. Our participating indicates that, excellent design, an indispensable factor in commercial success, not only has its artistic value but also increase additional value.


Communication Project

• To use its advantages on academics and national resources, through the operating motto which centers on creation, to provide professional training and short-time study for excellent enterprises and outstanding member.

• To periodically host academic seminars and speeches so as to set up a long-term learning space for enterprises and designers.

• To host an exhibition/forum/appraisal every year.

• To offer chances for employees to participate in national academic seminars, study and visits from home to abroad.