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Introduction to the contest

The contest is organized by Jiangxi’s Art Studio, undertaken by China-Italy Design & Innovation Center(CIDIC) and Sino-Italian Campus Tongji University, co-organized by College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. The theme of the contest is “Astonish the World”, focusing on jade design, providing a platform for students to practice creative design and obtain deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture, creating an atmosphere of creation on campus. Organizers of the contest invite many famous jade carving experts to give lectures and judge projects, which provides an opportunity for students to communicate with masters.

Lecture for start-ups: 16:00-17:30April 4th, 2014
Address:Room 1502, Building A, Zhangwu Road(across from the main gate of Tongji University)

  • First prize(One person)
    10000 RMB
       +award certificate

  • Second prize(One person)
    6000 RMB
       +award certificate

  • Third prize(One person)
    4000 RMB
       +award certificate

  • Finalist Award(Several)
       +award certificate

Just sign up and try to get the awards! Contest organizers would hold an auction for outstanding products which would be carved out by jade carve masters! Winners would also earn the chance communicate to art masters face-to-face and even an internship at their studios! What are you waiting for? Sign up for the contest and have a try!